Private School - Christopher O'Flaherty

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This print by Christopher O'Flaherty was printed in a limited edition of 40, and can be framed with one of our custom hand made frames specially made for this print. Please allow 2 weeks for framing service.

This woodblock print is hand printed with oil based inks on Kitakata paper, measuring 11"x14". (image 10"x8")

In this portrait, an androgynous student sits defiantly in a state between agitation and polite composure inside a historical New England home. The student’s simple bright tie mutes the wild patterns on the imitation Victorian style chair and the floral wallpaper. Using a combination of features, the figure was created from both my own body, and that of a female friend.

 This print is the second iteration of the subject of a student with a blue tie, whose predecessor combined techniques of dry point on plexiglass, for fine curving lines, and woodblock printing for flat shapes. Being recently introduced to laser etching, I am able to add this quality to woodblock printing, and create a dialogue between hand and machine carving. This artwork was printed from three different woodblocks, and each copy has a unique tie color.