About Us

Lunch Money Print exists as a platform to provide well-made and thought-provoking contemporary art that is affordable to everyday people.

Art deserves to be accessible.

And we exist to try to make that happen while, also supporting the artist who creates it.
- Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez, Curator + Owner of Lunch Money Print

Lunch Money Print was founded in 2017 by Christopher O'Flaherty and Mark Donne with a vision to make contemporary art more accessible and encourage people to become first-time art collectors. 

Have a question? Let's chat! email ruby(at)lunchmoneyprint.com


Meet Ruby

A photo of Ruby, wearing a black shirt and bright pink hair, smiling at the camera.

Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez - Curator + Owner

Hi, my name is Ruby. I'm a 22 year old Zapoteca visual artist living on Quinnipiac land (New Haven, CT). My work is primarily photo based but I also work in, painting, woodworking, silkscreening and of course printmaking. I like to make work that highlights the unique experiences, issues, and challenges facing people of color. My favorite color is baby pink, I want to be a carpenter one day and I dropped out of art school. See my work here.

I joined Lunch Money Print officially as a Co-Owner in 2019, but my history with LMP goes back to when I was 16 years old working as an assistant for the original founder, Chris. I had the pleasure of watching this small online gallery take its roots and grow in the city of New Haven. I'm honored to be continuing its same vision.

email: Ruby(at)lunchmoneyprint.com