Selling art is harder then is should be.

Traditional art galleries often market the art on their walls as exclusive, elite, and scarce. Maybe that's why they take such a large percentage from the artist when a sale is made in order to survive themselves (sometimes up to 70%!). The truth is that the art world doesn't need to act this way, and in reality, this type of exclusivity hurts artists and alienates everyday people from accessing artwork made from real living artists.

Lunch Money Print exists as a platform to provide well-made and thought-provoking contemporary art that is affordable to everyday people.

Art deserves to be accessible.

And we exist to try to make that happen, while also supporting the artist who creates it.

- Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez, Curator + Owner of Lunch Money Print


"It is up to those of us, outside the system, to emphasize art as crucial for the human spirit, bringing these objects of (extra)ordinary visual culture into our lives everyday and always."

Christopher O'Flaherty, original founder of LMP

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