A Message from the Curator

An art gallery's usual selling tactic is to make their art exclusive, elite and scarce. I started Lunch Money Print, against this vision, and instead, want well-made and thought-provoking contemporary art accessible and affordable. Most of all, it should be a part of daily life. It is up to us, as outsiders, to realize art is crucial for the human spirit, and to bring these objects into our everyday visual culture.

Christopher O'Flaherty - Curator and Founder of LMP

The Iconic NYC Coffee Cup is back!

Why Lunch Money?

The “Lunch Money” in LMP represents a need to consume art. It suggests a daily dose of its visual culture is necessary for the human spirit... like a vitamin.

Questions or want to say hi?

Email the curator - chris(at)lunchmoneyprint.com

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located inside Make Haven

770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510

by appointment only
email: chris@lunchmoneyprint.com
text: 978-808-3940

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