LMP Artists

Lunch Money Print Artists

Each of the artists below has collaborated with Lunch Money Print outside of the print exchange. View their artwork in the Main Gallery.


Rebecca Aloisio - New York
Michael Angelis - Connecticut
Ellen Coleman Izzo - New York
Kevin Corrado - Pennsylvania
Robert Di Matteo - California
LeeAnn Dicicco - California
Daniel Eugene - Connecticut
Jeffrey Fay - Connecticut
Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez - Connecticut
Stefan Jennings Batista - New Mexico
Anna Konson - Michigan
Sharon Lindenfeld - New York
Meredith Miller - Connecticut
Adam Niklewicz - Connecticut
John O'Donnell - Connecticut
Christopher O'Flaherty - Connecticut
Magdalena Pawlowski - Massachusetts
Ariana Prado - New York
Alexander Puz - New York
Stephanie Mahan Stigliano - Massachusetts
Natalia Tcherniak - Canada (Ontario)
Deborah Weiss - Connecticut
Guimi You - New York


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