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About Swivel

Art is crucial to the human spirit. Lunch Money Print wants to make thought-provoking contemporary art accessible to everyday people interested in having art in their home, apartment, office or building.

How it works 

Swivel members choose any artwork from the Lunch Money Print collection. After shipping, the current artwork can be swapped out for any other artwork in the collection. Swapping is made easy by having all artwork be the same medium dimension of 16”x20” (40x51cm). Just place the old picture back into the box the new one came in and attach the return label provided.

Through Swivel, Lunch Money Print invites you to get in touch with your imaginative spirit, fall in love with the hand-made and have access to our entire collection of carefully curated contemporary art to be enjoyed daily.


This is a Beta Version

Swivel has yet to launch, and Lunch Money Print is acquiring a collection of artworks at the new size in preparation for a launch. Though the artworks above are not part of the program, they are from artists we work with on a regular basis.

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