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Where do you find good quality affordable artwork?


Lunch Money Print wants to take down the art world barriers that prevent people from having quality artwork. With Swivel, have access to an entire collection for your home or office, all for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Through Swivel, we are making it easy to consume thought-provoking visual artwork. Instead of owning art, swap it! Let art activate your space, and enjoy our ever growing collection.


Swivel Art on Rotation

For Home and Personal Office

Frame size - 16" x 20"
Access to entire collection
Choice of black or maple frame
$40/month ($1.25/day) 
Less than the cost of a coffee a day
we ship the artwork back and forth
other sizes available for rotation upon request

For Businesses

Frame sizes -
16" x 20" and 24"x30" + custom large artworks
Access to entire collection of artwork
both original artwork and prints available.
work with a curator to have your artwork selected for you
full installation and delivery of artwork
choose a custom rotation period that works for you

Reach out to us about pricing information for your business!

Checkmate Digital - New Haven
Checkmate Digital - Testimonial
"This program has helped us feel more grown up, we aren’t just this young start-up any more. We can afford to have real artwork on the wall."

Click here to visit our growing art collection!


Chris and Ruby 

Questions? email us!

chris@lunchmoneyprint.com - Chris, Founder

ruby@lunchmoneyprint.com - Ruby, Co-owner and Head of Production