Press Release - Photographs by Local Artist Capture New Haven’s Future History

Christopher O’Flaherty 


Photographs by Local Artist Capture New Haven's Future History

Artist teams up with online art platform to bring New Haven communities together with photographs of the city.


NEW HAVEN, Connecticut-June 7th, 2018 -- Local artist Daniel Eugene collaborates with Lunch Money Print to launch an art exhibition titled “New Haven Photographs: A Future History” a collection of more than one hundred photographs documenting both familiar and unfamiliar locations around the city. The physical exhibition opened as a Pop-Up event, May 16th during Artwalk in Westville Village, and recently expanded to a second event downtown at Hull’s Art Supply newly renovated Second Story Gallery. This second event will also be celebrating Eugene’s limited-edition book release under the same title.

Eugene, through his photographic journal, aims to bring together New Haven’s communities. Daniel states “There is a unique aspect of transformation and temporariness that we are all participating in. I see the photograph as an opportunity to build a visual memory bank where each image can be a catalyst for recollection. With ‘New Haven Photographs: A Future History’ one discovers a city they’ve never been to before even if they’ve lived here their whole life. In the photographs we witness our own unique relationship with what we too often take for granted, and that we are, ourselves, active as a Future History of New Haven.”

This exhibition marks Lunch Money Print’s first comprehensive online exhibition. The Co- Founders Christopher O’Flaherty and Mark Donne, who started Lunch Money Print in early 2017 are looking forward to having this online gallery be a platform for helping the artist they collaborate with. Chris states, “Lunch Money Print was originally created as a platform to support artists. With ‘New Haven Photographs’ we wanted to think of our platform, less like a website, and more like a gallery exhibition space. Can’t make the opening, no worries, you can attend the show online.” Daniel sees the benefits of an online exhibition in extending the life of his art show. He states, “It is a lot of work to produce a show like this. A three-day pop-up event is pretty exclusive and working with Lunch Money Print is a wonderful opportunity to give greater life to the physical show.”

The pop-up exhibition and book release will take place the first weekend of August at the Hulls Art Supply Second Story Gallery at 1144 Chapel Street, New Haven. In the meantime, guests interested in the show can visit the exhibition online at




Daniel Eugene and Chris O'FlahertyNew HavenNew Haven Union Station

New Haven College Street Bike Shop


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