Featuring one artist each month!

Collector's Club

Each month, Lunch Money Print features one emerging artist, and highlights their story, while sharing their unique printing process with you. Their artwork, usually a small limited edition, is only available on the website for the featured month. 

This month the LMP Collector's Club is featuring Ariana Prado, a New York City-based artist.

Ariana Prado_Printing woodcut

 Ariana Prado printing her linocut "Abuelito"


A Message from the Curator

“I began Lunch Money Print in late 2016 with the idea to create a spotlight, through the distribution of affordable, hand-made limited edition prints for the incredibly talented friends and artists I have exhibited with. It was for the working artist who is struggling to find the balance of a creative studio practice, with “other” work/life, student debt, babies, even medical insurance as they follow their unique artistic path.

Featuring artists on this platform, and telling their story creates validation, visibility, and appreciation for the working artist and a much-needed connection for those who are being introduced to contemporary art. Instead of going the usual gallery route of raising the price of art through exclusion, elitism, and scarcity, Lunch Money Print is open and affordable, which creating a lens of accessibility for everyday people to engage in thought-provoking and well-made artwork.

On a side note, an essential quality of the artist we work with is that they won't stop creating their artwork. It is up to us, as outsiders, to realize art is crucial for the human spirit, and to bring these objects into our daily life.”

-Chris, Curator of LMP