Join us in Old Lyme Connecticut for the MidSummer Festival

 Old Lyme Arts District

Mid Summer Festival
July 28th
9am - 4pm 
84 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371

Lunch Money Print is featuring a Pop-Up booth showing paintings, drawings and prints by Kellie Dougherty in front of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts of the University of New Haven in Old Lyme CT. In addition to Kellie's pop up show, we will also have a separate tablee showcasing works by the many artists we have collaborated with over the past two years.

Introducing Kellie Dougherty

Kellie Dougherty


Kellie Dougherty with "Submerged"

Kellie Teamed up with Lunch Money Print to put her collection of artworks that will be on display at the event onto Lunch Money Print.


Click here to view her collection of artworks



About the artist


Since childhood, my artwork has been based on life observation,
imagination, and memory. Growing up with a very supportive family,
some being experienced artists themselves, believed in my talent. They
taught me different techniques corresponding with different mediums,
and to this day they inspire me to excel even further.

Graphite was always my number one medium when it came to
two-dimensional works, but as I continue to progress in college, I
continue to experiment with many different types of mediums:
photography, watercolor, acrylic paints, chalk and oil pastels, ink,
three-dimensional mediums: ceramic and oil-based clay.

Remaining vigilant on what my goals are now and my future as
an artist, I’m always researching other artists and what it takes to get to
their level of expertise, constantly trying to find my strengths to what
makes me different, and what would make me memorable among the
hundreds of artists that are out there right now.

In my heart, I want my work to mean something, I want people
to stop and think, to wonder, what it is I’m projecting.

My 18x24” pastel drawing“Puzzlement”is one of the first pieces
I feel that is complete. Starting off as a simple still life of objects I put
together in a carboard box lined with construction paper. I’ve chosen the
unicorns as my focal point, because they hold a connection to when I
started improving my artistic eye. My dad gave them to me when I was 5
years old to encourage me to practice drawing from life and that was
only the beginning. In turn adding the wooden puzzle pieces takes place
as another memory from my past, they were a gift from a dear friend,
who survived Cancer. I included them as my apology for the distance that
was created in high school, and hope that she is doing well.

While sketching, I realized that the two unicorns look like that
they are embracing at one angle. During this time, I couldn’t help but
connect with them, and the love they appear to share. Once you turn to
look at them in a different direction there is distance that separates the
couple, and you can’t help but wonder if the only connection they share
is that they are just plastic figures and nothing more. I can’t help but
think of the future, and that not everything lasts forever.

“Puzzlement”became more than just a still life, but a symbol, a
representation of my past on how I started, the present of how I feel
when it comes to relationships, and the unknown of what is to come.


As I study and work towards a set goal, I will continue to create here in



On a side note, Lunch Money Print will also be showing artwork by the following artists.

Adam Niklewicz - Connecticut
Alexander Puz - New York
Ariana Prado - New York
Christopher O'Flaherty - Connecticut
Daniel Eugene - Connecticut 
Deborah Weiss - Connecticut
Diego Espaillat - New York
Guimi You - New York
Helen Cantrell - Connecticut 
Jeffrey Hutchinson Fay - Connecticut
Julia DePinto - New York
John O'Donnell - Connecticut
Kevin Corrado - Connecticut
Kieran Tiere Thomas - Massachusetts
LeeAnn Dicicco - California
Magdalena Pawlowski - Massachusetts
Meredith Miller - Connecticut
Michael Angelis - Connecticut
Michael Rich - Rhode Island
Nina Jordan - New York
Rebecca Aloisio - New York 
Robert DiMatteo - New Jersey
Stefan Batista - New Mexico



Here is more information on the Mid-Summer Festival event -


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