The Red Room - Christopher O'Flaherty

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This print by Christopher O'Flaherty was featured in November.  Each print has a unique tie color, and can be framed with one of our custom hand made frames.

This woodblock print is hand printed with oil based inks on Kitakata paper with an additional sticker, measuring 12"W x 10"H. (image 10"x8")

Digital Archival Pigment Print - This 11"x14" high quality open edition archival pigment print offers an alternative option to support the artist. Shipping is free for this type of print, and the artist receives an even $20

Description by the artist:

A gaudy color television introduces itself to the monochromatic interior, along with other stark objects as they pop out of the red room. 
Inspired from Matisse’s The Red Studio, each object is uniquely handled and emphasized. It is by emphasizing the object that we can truly reflect our contemporary time, and only in the modern age can a 19th century copy of a wallpaper by William Morris exist with an overly romanticized picture “I Love Lucy” hanging over a zigzag rug from Ikea.