The Painted Lady - Kieran Teare Thomas

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The Painted Lady by Kieran Teare Thomas was printed in a limited edition of 20, and can be framed with one of our hand made frames specially made for this print.

This linocut was printed with oil based inks by hand and by the artist on Pale Blue Stonehenge paper measuring 13"W x 14.5"H with an edition of 15. 

Digital Archival Pigment Print - This 11"x14" high quality open edition archival pigment print offers an alternative option to support the artist. Shipping is free for this type of print, and the artist receives an even $20

Description by the Artist

“This portrait, while monstrous, is ultimately human. With a false smile this creature can lull victims and predators alike into a false sense of security, bearing its hidden teeth only when it feels threatened or when its prey is vulnerable. Most people similarly display and external image of their best or most normal selves becoming vicious when they feel insecure or defensive, and the predators of the modern age hide behind ordinary faces and jobs to conceal their sinister secrets.

In my work I develop many creature characters that carry the burden of human experience. Creatures that walk through a world where they are the only one who is odd and different, characters that hide behind bizarre masks covering even more bizarre faces, people haunted by the ghosts of indescribable feelings. 

As a queer artist, I grew up feeling as though I was an alien from another planet trying my best to hide my strangeness, but as an adult I have discovered that everywhere you look there are curious beings, outlandish spaces and peculiar experiences. Many of these irregularities are considered ugly or frightening, but I see them as powerful and interesting, if sometimes dark.

Block printing with its solid shapes and heavy lines embraces this boldness and darkness. Carving a physical and cathartic experience, feels to me the ideal way to release these beings onto paper.”