One Minute to Midnight - Christopher O'Flaherty

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This print by Christopher O'Flaherty was printed in a limited edition of 20, and can be framed with one of our custom hand made frames specially made for this print. Please allow 2 weeks for framing service.

This print is printed on Stonehenge paper with oil based block printing inks, and measures 14"W x 15"H (image, 8"x8")

Description by the artist:

Huddled hands come together to transform into abstraction.  Blood orange clashes with its acidic complement, turquoise, in a sensation likely induced by the night's substances.  These night dwellers dance and enjoy their ritualistic midnight delights, choosing a dionysian lifestyle over a structured existence.
This print is part of a collection of ten woodblock prints from the series We Call that Tuesday, which loosely follows the events of a house party.  One Minute to Midnight is the most sensational print in the series, leading to the culmination of a complete visual breakdown.