Neither Here Nor There - Kevin Corrado

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Description by the Artist

In my film photograph, Neither Here Nor There, I took two distinct shots, one of a landscape and the other of a portrait, and forced them into a single moment. My process utilizes a double exposure technique, by stacking up multiple exposures on a single frame of 35mm film. It’s an experimental technique that may only be achieved by a select few cameras, in this case an Argus Rangefinder, which requires the user to manually advance the film.


When shooting, the doubles are often not planned, and will playfully act when a shape or the lighting feels right. The first photo sets the mood, and is more in preparation for a second, which is more carefully chosen. Time and place can vary greatly between shots, and sometime it will be months before a second shot is taken to develop the photo.

Like most of my work Neither Here Nor There has a goal to remain mysterious, in that there are no details locking it to a particular place as I want my image to be ungrounded. I’ll intentionally leave out notable landmarks that will give away a location the image was captured. In this particular work the figure faces away from the camera, and the sitter becomes up to the viewers interpretation.

This print is a photographic work taken on 35mm Kodak color film, digitally printed on light sensitive paper measuring 11"H x 14"W with an edition of 20.