Collector's Club

Regular price $50.00 Membership - one print every three months

Choose between three contemporary artworks created by emerging artists once every three months to have shipped framed or in a foam core display case.  The club model enables us to offer exceptional hand made prints at an affordable price, and is perfect for any art lover to have a collection of artworks for gifting and displaying at home. 

Membership is on a quarterly basis and it is a pay as you go system.  Members can unsubscribe at any time.

Currently featured works

The Painted Lady by Kieran Teare Thompson is a linocut hand printed with oil based in on Pale Blue Stonehenge paper measuring 13"W x 14.5"H.  This print can be framed in a hand painted black modern frame.

Abuelito by Ariana Prado is a linocut measuring 5.5" x 4.5" on 10.5"H x 8"W kitakata paper.  This print can be framed in a hand made natural wood frame measuring 11"H x 9"W

In Through the Door by Jeffrey Fay is a woodcut measuring 10.5"x7.5" on 13"H x 11"W Stonehenge paper.  This print can be framed in a custom hand painted white frame measuring 15"H x 11"W


Please email with any questions or thoughts on the program.