Registration - LMP Print Exchange

Registration - LMP Print Exchange

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We don't take a commission on unframed sales. It all goes to you!
Artwork must be for sale for feature on website and gallery show.
I agree that my image/plate/block size will be 8" x 10" (20x25cm) and paper size will be 11" x 13" (28x35.5cm).
I will create an edition of 10 prints (if not selling) or 11 prints (if selling) for the Print Exchange.
I agree to send my edition to Lunch Money Print by mail to their Connecticut location by December 31st, 2018.

70 artists already signed up!

What you get!
  • A box set of 10 unique prints
  • Professional Photograph of your print
  • Your artwork included at a show at Marquee Gallery in Connecticut
  • Your work is featured on Lunch Money Print, with one copy of your print available for sale on our website (if selected)
  • Connection to Lunch Money Print

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Anita Hagan - Maryland
Delaney L Green - Michigan
Alessandra Hogan - Connecticut
Aaron Hagman - Michigan
Rosane Viegas - São Paulo, Brazil
Helena Turner - Massachusetts
Becky Darge Christensen - Iowa
Ronel Thirion - Arizona
Carl Richardson - Washington
Jay Howe - New South Wales, Australia
Alison Maddux - Tennessee
Silke Groth - Southern Denmark, Denmark
Alice Hampton - Kansas
Annie Silverman - Massachusetts
Elisa Lanzi - Massachusetts
Nicole Hodson - Kincardineshire, United Kingdom
Erik Millikin - Michigan 
Linda Witney - North Dakota 
Julia Newson - Victoria, Australia 
Whitney Lorenze - Connecticut
Marco Hernandez - Kansas
Adam Davis - Texas
Stephanie Mahan Stigliano - Massachusetts 
Carolyn Muskat - Massachusetts
Megan Carling Page - Florida
Stephen Winiecki - New York
Nicole Edmond  - Ontario, Canada
Megan Stone - Michigan
Brian Tyrrell - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Karen Bartone - Connecticut
Carla Marie Bratt - California

Scott Walling - Ontario, Canada
Saâd A. Tazi - Casablanca-Settat - Morocco
Noushin Majidi - Tehran, Iran
Andrew Smith - Pennsylvania 
Stephen Lay - Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Drew Testa - New York
Linda Baker - Victoria, Australia
Wendy Murray - New South Wales, Australia
Christina Hollering - Indiana
Katie Green - Ontario, Canada
Becky Breakall - Pennsylvania
Omar Gonzalez - Texas
Tyler Grieve - Nova Scotia, Canada
Sarah A Reed-McNamara - Illinois
Natalia Tcherniak - Ontario, Canada
Gabriel O'Brien - Oregon
Kimberly Aw - Singapore
Nina Jordan - New York
Daniel Eugene - Connecticut
Nikki Barber - Washington
Kerryanne Celona - Rhode Island
Fumina Hata - New York
Jeanette Smalls - Oregon
Patricia Bacon - New York
Matthew Solly - Victoria, Australia
Paul DeRuvo - Connecticut
Fiona Bearclaw - California
Nicolas Arango - New Jersey
Alla Lazebnik - Massachusetts
Zachary Bland - California
Anna Konson - Michigan
Hannah Suzanna - New York
LeeAnn Dicicco - California
Joe Klaus - New York
Alex Thurman - Tennessee
Nora Farrell - Massachusetts
Stefan Jennings Batista - New Mexico
Christopher O'Flaherty - Connecticut
Tulasi Sundaresh - Massachusetts



What size are the prints?
The plate/block size of each print is 8" x 10" (20x25cm) and paper size is 11" x 13" (28x33cm).

Do the prints have to be this size?
Yes, the prints have to be this size, or they will not be able to fit in the gift box. Smaller prints will shift around during transit.

How many copies of prints do I have to send?
If you are part of the standard Artist program you will send 10 prints, but Empowered Artists will send 12. The additional copies are for sale. Should no sales be made, they will be returned to the artist. One print is sent back to the artist in their box set.

Where on the print do I sign and edition?
Prints must be signed and in a closed edition of 10-12 depending on which artist package is chosen. The edition number is put under the plate/block impression to the left, with optional title in the middle, and finally signature on the right along with the year number

Does it Cost Money?
Yes, it takes a lot to keep Lunch Money Print moving, and the cost goes towards creating the print exchange gift boxes, storing artwork, covering shipping costs, and producing the event. Also, we greatly appreciate the support. As an artist, make sure to write this expense off on your taxes at the end of the year!

Where do I ship my artwork to?
Artist's send their prints to Lunch Money Print's frame shop/print studio in Connecticut where Chris, one of the co-founders will receive the artwork.

Who pays for shipping of artwork from the artist to Lunch Money Print?
The artist covers shipping to the shop, and we recommend sending the work in a cardboard flat, with newsprint in between each layer.

What happens if the prints are lost or damaged in the mail?
Mail carriers often come with base insurance of $50-$100. Artists can put additional insurance when shipping to Lunch Money Print in CT, but it isn't required. Only the person who sent the package can file a claim with the mail carrier. If the prints arrive damaged in Connecticut, Lunch Money Print will notify the artist. In the event of damaged or lost box of 10 prints back to the artist, Lunch Money Print will offer a refund to the artist, as the limited edition prints can’t be replaced.

What happens if the prints are lost or damaged in the mail?
We still might be able to get you into the show, and give you a boxes set, but Lunch Money Print reserves the right to cancel your order and refund your registration fee.

What type of print media is allowed?
We aren't too picky and most forms of printmaking are allowed except for digital prints, and prints with high relief (3-dimensional qualities).

Are photographs allowed?
Sort of.... only if the artwork was meant to be in that particular print medium. Have questions about this, email us! we love hearing from artists.

Are digital printing processes allowed?
They are only allowed if it makes sense conceptually in your artwork. Questions about this, email us!

Additional questions?
Email us at support(at)