In Through the Gate - Jeffrey Fay

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This print by Jeffrey Fay was printed in a limited edition of 20, and can be framed with one of our custom hand made frames specially made for this print. Please allow 2 weeks for framing service.


Description by the Artist:

Summer begins to slip away as a long shadow begins to intrude on this typical New England home in his childhood town of Marblehead. Jeffrey has been depicting New England Towns for a number of years. While some of these scenes are of specific locations, others such as his gas stations are transient places with similar sentiment to that of an Edward Hopper painting.

 Jeffrey recently acquired a printing press as a gift from a former professor. He has used this as an opportunity to strengthen his etching techniques and experiment with woodblock printing. His use of texture against the bold shadow overtaking the house has brought air into a characteristically “flat” medium, and no doubt because of his experience in charcoal and oil painting.

In Through the Gate is a woodblock print, printed with oil based  ink on Stonehenge paper measuring 12"H x 10"W.

Watch Jeffrey Fay print his woodblock print during this studio visit.