Fleeting Longings - Lyell Castonguay

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Fleeting Longings - Lyell Castonguay

This woodblock print is part of Lyell's Feathery Devil's Series, which he takes inspiration from bright colors, splatters, and woodgrain textures to bring out the true personality of the birds he depicts.

In response to Traces, a poem by Annie Rogers, Lyell constructed this image taking inspiration from the structure of her stanzas and narrator's shifting viewpoints. His bird is collaged together, and highlights the textures, colors, and patterns of his feathery subject without relying on the use of its face.

 This woodcut was printed on Japanese Chiri paper with oil based inks measuring 11"W x 15"H, and this artwork can be framed in one of our custom hand painted framed.


Watch Lyell talk about the Feathery Devil's series with Liz Chalfin at Zea Mays Printmaking Studio 

People in Print - Lyell Castonguay - Large Woodcuts from Zea Mays Printmaking on Vimeo.