Animal Dreams - Helen Cantrell

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This lithograph by Helen Cantrell was printed in a limited edition of 15, and can be shipped loose or in one of our solid maple frames. Helen's print was printed by Carolyn Muskrat from Muskrat Studio. The image area measures 17" x 12.5" (43x32cm) and when framed measures 21" x 18" (53x45cm).

Description of Artwork

In this print, Helen has layered two crows over the image of a red cat. Her pet cat is her muse, and she uses him as a leaping off point for exploring communicative poses and an abstract expression of gestural mark making when composing the image. Her work as a whole explores the relationship of figuration and abstraction.

 Helen thinks about her prints as unique “drawings from a matrix”. She creates a template that she can then collage and change how it is printed to create unique artworks in their own right. In this piece the two birds were printed from the same matrix, only moved around and printed separately.

 This lithograph was printed by Carolyn Muskrat from Muskrat Studio.

Loose prints are shipped in a foam core display case. Please allow one week to process loose prints and shipping.

Framed artworks are made to order, and we handcraft your custom frame. Please allow two to three weeks for frame orders.