A Distant Mountain - Christopher O'Flaherty

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This print by Christopher O'Flaherty was featured in November, and can be framed with one of our hand made frames specially made for this print.

This color reduction woodblock print is hand printed with oil based inks on a warm Kitakata paper, measuring 9"x11". (image 5"x7").

Digital Archival Pigment Print - This 11"x14" high quality archival pigment print offers an alternative to the hand pulled print and gives an alternative option to support the artist. Shipping is Free for this particular option, and the artist receives an even $20

Description by the Artist:

Recently, I visited Mt. Reiner, and I was inspired by the Sound of Music qualities the mountain had on that clear day. This print is an impression of that distant mountain, and is made to capture those whimsical qualities in a simple way.

This color reduction woodblock print involves working with only one block of wood to overlay colors over time. Colors were printed ten separate times, and with each pass a little more of the block was carved away until only a few specks of color remain. This experimental technique is a creation made by literally destroying the art medium through the process, it perfectly captures the evanescent quality of the subject matter.