Meet The Print Exchange Artists!

Lunch Money Print introduces its second Print Exchange which brings together a community of artists and printmakers to trade limited edition, hand-pulled prints with each other. In addition to having artists trade prints, this exchange encourages artists to make an extra print to be featured and have available for sale on Lunch Money Print. The exchange is open to artists in the United States and around the world.

Registration is open until November 30th, 2019

Liz Bannish
Liz Bannish - Massachusetts
Dick likes chowder/The sun sets on Dick
Offset monotype and lithograph
22 x 30 inches
 Edition of 10
Stacie Bumgarner
Stacie BumgarnerPhiladelphia
In Auntie’s Studio
Etching with chine-collé
9 x 6 inches
Peter Borsay BZOOKA
BZOOKA - North Carolina
6 x 6 inches
Amanda During
Amanda Durig - Nebraska
Invasive Species
17.5 x 24 inches
edition of 3 

Clay McGlamory
Clay McGlamory - Virigina
Accumulations iV
27 color screenprint with metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent ink
30 x 40 inches
Cynthia Milionis
Cynthia Milionis - California
Mixed media monoprint
6 x 6 inches

Annamarie Morris
Annamarie Morris - Maryland
Magnolia Dream Two
25 x 25 inches

Megan Parker
Megan Parker - Connecticut
What Rough Beast
10 x 10 inches

Mike SgierPhiladelphia 
The Bounty Hunters & the Outlaw Sorcerer
Woodcut relief print
24 x 36 inches
Jonpaul Smith
Jonpaul Smith - Ohio
Thrilled to Pieces
11 x 17 inches
Adrian Tio
Adrian Tio - Massachusetts
Pico de Gallo
Linocut, woodcut, and letterpress on Japanese paper
11 x 9 inches
Jennifer White 
Jennifer White - Oregon
Moonrise over Edison
Drypoint with aquatint/hard ground etching
8 x 10 inches
Maggie Tseng
Maggie Tseng - Rhode Island
Ouroboros I
8" x 11"
Natalia Tcherniak
Natalia Tcherniak - Canada, Ontario
Connective Tissue
3'x4' board with 26 playing pieces
cyanotype on wood
Scott Michael Walling
Scott Michael Walling - Canada (Ontario)
35 mm black and white film image

Adell Shetterly
Adell Shetterly - Oregon
Home is the Place You Go
Mixed media monotype
10 x 10 inches

Claudia Sbrissa
Claudia Sbrissa - New York
minus 102
woven security envelope
10 x 4 inches
photograph by Huang Shan

Carla Marie Bratt
Carla Marie Bratt - California
Deep Roots
Solar plate etching, hand colored
4 x 5 inches

Dan Dawson
Dan Dawson - Massachusetts
Golden Teacher
Acrylic resist etching and aquatint
10.5 x 13 inches

Joe Klaus
Joe Klaus - New York
dead flowers
Oil and acrylic paint
11 x 14 inches

Jeanette Small
Jeanette Small - Oregon
Convergence 97-71-AA-15
Monoprint, etching, and linocut
22 x 30 inches

John McKaig - Pennsylvania
Blind Crow II
25 x 38 inches

Nathan Shields
Nathan Shields - Washington
In Alaska there are bears
9 x 12 inches

Margaret Roleke
Margaret Roleke - Connecticut
Pop, Pop
Spent shotgun shells, zipties, wire, and steel
6.8 x 5 x 5 feet

Meaghan Morrow
Meaghan Morrow - Connecticut
6 x 12 inches