New Haven Photographs: A Future History and #NHVdrag

Lunch Money Print and Daniel Eugene - New Haven Photographs #NHVdrag

Daniel Eugene has an ongoing photo documentary project called #NHVdrag where he captures the sexual, social and gender identity iconoclasm of the New Haven drag community. Included as part of the "New Haven Photographs" exhibition is a small series of 11 #NHVdrag photographs, and a 30 page #NHVdrag booklet (see bottom of exhibition page).

He was fascinated by the energy of New Haven’s drag scene, especially Partners Café, and the way that the performers were able to embody a whole new character; merging the lines between the masculine and feminine. Eugene saw their performances as a way to “combat the heteronormativity of history” and wanted to showcase that through his photos. The photos highlight elements of color, noise, and movement in the clubs and throughout the performances. Through his work, Eugene has delved into the community and cultivated meaningful relationships and collaborative side projects with many greater New Haven drag artists.


Here is a selection of Daniel Eugene's NHVdrag photographs from the large collection of Daniel's Exhibition "New Haven Photographs".



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NHV Partners Café, Anne Frank - Daniel Eugene - New Haven Photographs

Dance Party, Partners Café - Daniel Eugene -New Haven Photographs
Malaya Love Nations - Daniel Eugene - Daniel Eugene
Partners Café, New Years Eve - Daniel Eugene - New Haven Photographs
Partner's Cafe - Daniel Eugene - New Haven Photographs

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#NHVdrag Booklet

#NHVdrag was self published by the artist is available in a limited edition of 500 signed copies. This booklet is now available through Lunch Money Print.

10% of all proceeds from sales of #NHVdrag will go to benefit the New Haven PRIDE Center.

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#NHVdrag Booklet - Daniel Eugene

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