LMP Print Exchange

New Deadline, please apply by December 31st.

11 Prints submitted by January 31.

We want to get to know you and your artwork!



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Lunch Money Print is driven to bring together a community of artists and art lovers. One way we are bringing this to life is by hosting a print exchange to connect artists. Participating artists will send in an edition of 11 prints to trade with other contributing artists. Lunch Money Print will also offer one copy for sale and feature it on our website in addition to showcasing it at Marquee Gallery in Connecticut.

Your print can be a screen print, lithograph, woodcut, intaglio, or an experimental print form.

10 Prints - LMP Artist Community Print Exchange 

Here is what you get!

  • A box set of 10 unique archival prints
  • Your artwork is featured on Lunch Money Print's website with one copy for sale
  • Artists set the price and we don't take a commission
  • Your artwork is featured in our exhibition at Marquee Gallery in Connecticut with an invite to attend
  • A Professional Photograph of your artwork
  • Email addresses of the artists in your box set, encouraging you to connect with your fellow artists


How to Join

Follow the Registration link below


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Deadline to Apply: December 31st, 2018

Send edition by; Post Mark Date: January 31st, 2018

Print Exhibition at Marquee Gallery: March 2019

Shipment of Artist's Print Exchange - Box of 10 Unique Prints: March - April 2019

See Artists Who Already Signed Up!


Delaney L Green - Michigan
Alessandra Hogan - Connecticut
Aaron Hagman - Michigan
Rosane Viegas - São Paulo, Brazil

Helena Turner - Massachusetts
Becky Darge Christensen - Iowa
Ronel Thirion - Arizona
Carl Richardson - Washington
Jay Howe - New South Wales, Australia
Alison Maddux - Tennessee
Silke Groth - Southern Denmark, Denmark
Alice Hampton - Kansas
Annie Silverman - Massachusetts
Elisa Lanzi - Massachusetts

Nicole Hodson - Kincardineshire, United Kingdom
Erik Millikin - Michigan
Linda Witney - North Dakota
Julia Newson - Victoria, Australia
Whitney Lorenze - Connecticut
Marco Hernandez - Kansas
Adam Davis - Texas
Stephanie Mahan Stigliano - Massachusetts
Carolyn Muskat - Massachusetts
Megan Carling Page - Florida
Stephen Winiecki - New York
Nicole Edmond  - Ontario, Canada
Megan Stone - Michigan
Brian Tyrrell - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Karen Bartone - Connecticut
Carla Marie Bratt - California
Scott Walling - Ontario, Canada 
Saâd A. Tazi - Casablanca-Settat - Morocco
Noushin Majidi - Tehran, Iran 
Andrew Smith - Pennsylvania 
Stephen Lay - Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Drew Testa - New York
Linda Baker - Victoria, Australia 
Wendy Murray - New South Whales, Australia 
Christina Hollering - Indiana
Katie Green - Ontario, Canada
Becky Breakall - Pennsylvania
Omar Gonzalez - Texas
Tyler Grieve - Nova Scotia, Canada
Sarah A Reed-McNamara - Illinois
Natalia Tcherniak Ontario, Canada
Gabriel O'Brien - Oregon
Kimberly Aw - Singapore 
Nina Jordan - New York 
Daniel Eugene - Connecticut 
Nikki Barber - Washingtion
Kerryanne Celona - Rhode Island
Fumina Hata - New York
Jeanette Smalls - Oregon
Patricia Bacon - New York
Matthew Solly - Victoria, Australia
Paul DeRuvo- Connecticut
Fiona Bearclaw - California
Nicolas Arango - New Jersey
Alla Lazebnik - Massachusetts
Zachary Bland - California
Anna Konson - Michigan
Hannah Suzanna - New York
LeeAnn Dicicco - California
Joe Klaus - New York
Alex Thurman - Tennessee
Nora Farrell - Massachusetts 
Stefan Jennings Batista - New Mexico 
Christopher O'Flaherty - Connecticut
Tulasi Sundaresh - Massachusetts