Registration - The Print Exchange, Standard Size

Registration - The Print Exchange, Standard Size

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I agree that my paper will be 14" x 18" inches (35.5 x 45.5 cm). Any image, plate or block size on this paper is allowed. Open to any print media.
You agree to make 11 prints. 10 prints are for the print exchange, and 1 is for sale in the online gallery. Lunch Money Print does not take commission on sales. Questions? email
I agree to send my edition to Lunch Money Print by mail to their Connecticut location by December 31st, 2019.

Registration for this Print Exchange has ended. Our next Print Exchange is The Oversize Edition.

85 Artists joined this exchange. Here is the list!

Linda Baker - Australia, Victoria
Christina Markin - Australia, Victoria
Julia Newson - Australia, Victoria
Matthew Solly - Australia, Victoria
Heather Urness - Canada, Alberta
Nicole Emond - Canada, Ontario
Ebony Jansen - Canada, Ontario
Mary Kroetsch - Canada, Ontario
Natalia Tcherniak - Canada, Ontario
Scott Walling - Canada, Ontario
Silke Groth - Denmark, Southern Denmark
Céline Benetti-Marot - France, Île-de-France
Alex Domke - France, Île-de-France
Kristin Finsterbusch - Germany, Bavaria
Elaine Crowe - Ireland, Leinster
Alejandra Sánchez - Mexico, León
Saâd A. Tazi - Morocco
Agustin Equihua Ortiz - California
Stacy Frank - California
Carla Marie Bratt - California
Cynthia Milionis - California
Anthony Rasonsky - California
Megan Parker - Colorado
Leah Caroline - Connecticut
Marina Daneva - Connecticut
Karen Dow - Connecticut
Angela Earley - Connecticut
Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez - Connecticut
Jen Greely - Connecticut
Ryan Kalentkowski - Connecticut
Paul Michael - Connecticut
Meaghan Morrow - Connecticut
Christopher O'Flaherty - Connecticut
Margaret Roleke - Connecticut
Roxy Savage - Connecticut
Mia Kosko - Georgia
Becky Darge Christensen - Iowa
Liz Bannish - Massachusetts
Joshua Brennan - Massachusetts
Mara Callahan - Massachusetts
Dan Dawson - Massachusetts
Nancy Diessner - Massachusetts
Annie Silverman - Massachusetts
Stephanie Stigliano - Massachusetts
Adrian Tio - Massachusetts
Helena Turner - Massachusetts
Annamarie Morris - Maryland
Megan Stone - Michigan
Kevin Gill - Missouri 
Phoebe McAllister - Missouri
Matthew Stebbins - Missouri
BZOOKA - North Carolina
Quynh H Tran - North Carolina
Amanda During - Nebraska
Gretchen Woodman - New Hampshire
Nicolas Arango - New Jersey
Nina Jordan - New York
Joe Klaus - New York
Claudia Sbrissa - New York
Meredith J. Hinks - Ohio
Allison Roberts - Ohio
Jonpaul Smith - Ohio
Jennifer Eaton White - Oregon
Neal McCormick - Oregon
Gabriel O'Brien - Oregon
Adell Shetterly - Oregon
Jeanette Smalls - Oregon
Stacie Leigh Bumgarner - Pennsylvania
John McKaig - Pennsylvania
Mike Sgier - Pennsylvania
Clair Sitarz - Pennsylvania
Becki Shu - Rhode Island
Maggie Tseng - Rhode Island
Mary Walker - South Carolina
Chad Nelson - South Dakota
Courtney Farquharson - Tennessee
Alison Maddux - Tennessee
Adam Davis - Texas
Omar Gonzalez - Texas
Cate Currier - Virginia
Clay McGlamory - Virginia
David Williams - Virginia
Pamela Winegard - Virginia
Nathan Shields - Washington


The deadline to register for the 2nd Exchange was November 30th, 2019. Artwork must be finished and ready to mail by December 31st, 2019.

Explore participating artist's artworks from the last print exchange here.

Artwork can be shipped at any time to the following location

Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez
Lunch Money Print
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT, 06510
The United States of America

What you get
  • A set of 10 unique prints shipped in a mailing tube
  • Your work for sale on our website (artist takes 100% commission on sale)
  • Professional photograph of your print
  • Included in our exhibitions throughout the year
  • Added to our Slack Artist and Printmaker community


What size are the prints?
14" x 18" inches (35.5 x 45.5 cm). The paper should be this size, but some artists are participating in our last smaller paper size. Email us if you have any questions!

Do the prints have to be this size?
The paper needs to be the standard size, but the plate, block or image area can be any size on that paper.

How many copies of prints do I have to send?
Please make 11 copies of your print.

Where do I send my edition?
Please send your artwork to the following address.
Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
The United States of America 

Can monotypes, photographs or archival pigment prints be used for the exchange?

Where on the print do I sign and edition?
Prints should be in a closed edition of 11. The edition number is put under the plate/block impression to the left, with optional title in the middle, and finally signed on the right along with the year number

Why does it cost money? How much is it?
It takes a lot to keep Lunch Money Print moving, and your registration fee goes towards purchasing the print exchange shipping tubes, storing artwork, covering shipping costs, and professionally photographing your artwork. We greatly appreciate the support. As an artist, make sure to write this expense off on your taxes at the end of the year!

For the 14"x 18" it's $50, and for the 22"x 28" it's $80

Where do I ship my artwork to?
Artists send their prints to Lunch Money Print's frame shop/print studio in Connecticut where Ruby, one of the co-owners, will receive the artwork.

Who pays for shipping of artwork from the artist to Lunch Money Print?
The artist covers shipping to the shop, and we recommend sending the work in a tube, with glassine in between each layer.

What happens if the prints are lost or damaged in the mail?
Mail carriers often come with base insurance of $50-$100. Artists can put additional insurance when shipping to Lunch Money Print in CT, but it isn't required. Only the person who sent the package can file a claim with the mail carrier. If the prints arrive damaged in Connecticut, Lunch Money Print will notify the artist. In the event of a damaged or lost box of 10 prints back to the artist, Lunch Money Print will offer a refund to the artist, as the limited edition prints can’t be replaced.

Am I able to get a refund if I don't finish my edition on time?
Lunch Money Print reserves the right to not refund participating artists.

What type of print media is allowed?
We aren't too picky and most forms of printmaking are allowed except for prints that are 3 dimensional and would harm others during shipping.

Are photographs allowed?
Yes! Archival pigment prints (like digital photography) and silver gelatin prints (film photography) are accepted.

Additional questions?
Email Ruby or Chris at ruby(at), chris(at)