Swivel Home Membership

Swivel Home Membership

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You are able to swap artwork at any time online, but how frequently would you like us to remind you to change your artwork?
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Your Collection, On Rotation

After adding the membership to the cart, choose any artwork in the Swivel Gallery for your first artwork 

$40/month = unlimited swaps of 16" x 20" artwork



What is Swivel?

Swivel is a membership program that gives the opportunity to offer art as a rotational experience in home and office settings. Members pay a flat fee monthly and can swap their art at any time through Lunch Money Print for no additional charge. All artwork is 16" x 20" archival pigment prints that are framed in either a black or maple frame.

Members choose their first artwork from the gallery in a separate checkout (no additional charges.) After the artwork arrives members can swap out their current artwork for any other. Select a new artwork online from the same checkout process as the first. We ship you your new artwork, and when it arrives, take it out and hang it precisely where the first one was. The old artwork fits into the same box the first came in and mail it back to us with the return label provided.
It is recommended members swap their artwork every 2-3 months.

Hanging your Artwork

Framed artwork included in Swivel hang on your wall from metal cleats. Metal cleats can be hung with two screws after drawing a straight line with a leve. Lunch Money Print is not responsible for any damages to your walls from our product.
Metal cleats allow for easy installation of the next artwork, which is to be placed in the same spot on your wall.

Damaged/Lost Artwork

All artwork used in the Swivel membership is considered on loan.
We allow normal wear and tear to the artwork, such as minor scratches and dents to the frame as well as glass. However, Lunch Money Print, LLC reserves the right to charge for significant damages to the artwork or frame. Additionally, Lunch Money Print can charge up to $250 for lost artwork

Archival Pigment Prints

The Swivel collection is made up of original artworks in various mediums. We scan or photograph the original artwork to create high-resolution archival pigment prints.

Archival pigment Prints are Printed with an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 on Epson Enhanced Matte.

Members choose their artwork under the Swivel Gallery tab

Buying Artwork and opting out of Swivel

It is easy to fall in love with an artwork. That being said, the monthly payments are for a rotation experience. If a member wants to buy out of the program after finding an artwork they want to stay they are to email us, and we can determine an agreeable amount for buying the artwork and ending the program.

Canceling a Swivel Membership

Members can terminate their monthly membership by letting us know they want to opt out, and sending back their artwork. Lunch Money Print is to ship materials for shipping if requested. Membership is only terminated after Lunch Money Print has received the artwork on loan. Lunch Money Print, LLC reserves the right to charge additional membership recurring payments until the artwork is received. 

Additional Questions?

Please send any additional questions to Chris or Ruby at our provided emails.

chris@lunchmoneyprint.com  or ruby@lunchmoneyprint.com


Lunch Money Print

Lunch Money Print is located at the following address

770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510