Why are exterior spline joints so great?

We build all of our solid wood frames with Exterior Spline Joints to strengthen the corners and add a beautiful decorative touch. The joint is created by cutting a horizontal slot into all our mitered corners and gluing an additional piece of wood after assembly. The extra support helps hold the frame together and allows it to take additional pressure. 

Why we use Spline Joints

Regular mitered corners are a weak joint, and most frames will break if dropped even lightly on their corners. Although artwork and picture frames should never be handled roughly, we understand that they can take some abuse. For fun, here is a drop test with one of our picture frames.

A Decorative Touch

We add the Spline Joints Primarily for strength, but also when finished with a clear coat or stain, the joint is visible. Our Ebony and Oak colored frames offer a great example of the decorative style of this type of joinery.

If you have any questions about our frames, or questions about ordering a frame, please email Chris or Mark at support@lunchmoneyprint.com

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