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Lunch Money Print introduces its first Print Exchange which brings together a community of artists and printmakers to trade limited edition, hand-pulled prints with each other. In addition to having artists trade prints, this exchange encourages artists to make an extra print to be featured and have available for sale on Lunch Money Print. The exchange is open to artists in the United States and around the world.

Registration opened June 19th and closes November 30th. Here are a selection from over 70 artists who joined.

To find out about the program visit the print exchange's landing page.


1.  Jay Howe - New South Wales, Australia 

Jay explores printmaking from a combination of fear and passion. Using the medium as an outlet to express their chronic pain on their own terms.


Machine Heart

   2. Carl Richardson - Washington 

Carl explores his love of finding order in chaos in his nine part litho series called “golden”.

                                                                                                                   Golden Eye

 3. Sarah Reed-McNamara - Illinois

Printmaker from Illinois Sarah is dedicated to making playful graphics.

 The Holy Roller
Linoleum Block

4. Natalia Tcherniak - Canada

Natalia is an artist with a dense background in cyanotype printmaking
and large scale installations.


5. Megan Stone - Michigan

Megan creates mixed media prints overlapping nature and organic forms
with contrasting color.
Monoprint and mixed media


 6. Becky Ayscough

Becky a printmaker that uses woodcuts as a medium for storytelling.

Wolf Warrior

7.Omar Gonzalez - Texas

Omar a printmaker from Texas exploring themes of family and nationality.
Country Born/ Father's Embrace

8.Ronel Thirion - Arizona

Ronel and his award-winning artwork granted by pressing Matters in 2018 by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Wolf Moon Dancer
18" x 12"

9. Stephen Winiecki - New York City

Stephen will be making a traditional Japanese woodblock print an elaborate process using cherry wood and water based ink printed on handmade washi paper made from mulberry fibers.
Adirondock Dusk



10. Carla Marie Bratt - California

Photo of Clara in her studio in California Clara with be making an etching for the print exchange.
Maui Mangos
12 x 12


11. Annie Silverman - Massachusetts

Annie makes multimedia prints using a variety of materials and layers to excuse her dimensional works.

Woodcut Print Collage


12. Stephanie Stigliano - Massachusetts

Stephanie exploring a combination of woodcuts layered with screen printing!
Garden Goddess

13. Nooshin Majidi - Iran

Nooshin uses her love of history and printmaking to share her point of view to translate the unspoken words of historic found objects. Her artwork is a window from the museum of glass and ceramics in Tehran.

14. Marco Hernandez - Kansas

Marco artist from Kansas will be making an etching for the print exchange


El Pajarero y los Cuervos

15. Elisa Lanzi - Massachusetts

Elisa is an artist known for her painterly monotype prints and multimedia collage works incorporating her handmade paper. In her current art and writing, she explores themes of personal migration, climate change, and haiku. She is developing a monotype series for the exchange
Night Passage
8" x 19.5"

16. Eric Millikin - Michigan

Eric attempts to blur the boundaries of art, technology, and the occult. Eric has built a machine to recognize tarot cards and draw its own cards on what it has learned. Inspired by the occult Eric made and mailed Trump tarot cards and mailed them to the White House as “Replacement Trumps.”
Replacement Trump: The Devil
Digital on Cotton Paper


17. Becky Christensen - Iowa

Becky From Iowa Is creating a drypoint on Plexi for the Lunch Money Print print exchange!
Laundry Bridge
Drypoint on Plexi

18. Fiona Bearfoot - California

Fiona is inspired by biodiversity and enraged by the anthropocene. I plan on working in linocut, creating detailed imagery of native plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest.

 19. Helena Turner - Massachusetts

Helena is a nurse practitioner and uses medical imagery to inspire and inform about her art and printmaking.

20.  Paul De Ruvo - Connecticut

Paul is an artist that works with a variety of mediums to comment on society and human nature. Paul plans to delve further into this subject matter for the exchange.  

Paul DeRuvo - Artist

Keep // Loving
15" x 20"

21.  Anna Konson Michigan

Anna is currently working on a series exploring obsessive-compulsive disorder. Through this series, she compares herself to animals which engage in similar ritualistic behaviors and compares her relationship with her obsessions to plants that react to humans. She plans to expand on this series for the exchange.


Anna Konson - Artist

I will feel better when I start over (Routine)
8" x 10" (20x25cm)

22.  Fumina Hata - New York

Fumina is currently documenting a photography series which captures her curious impressions of New York City, and plans on creating a silver gelatin print edition of one of these images for the exchange.


Fumina Hata - Artist

In Union Square
Silver Gelatin Print
8" x 10" (20x25cm)

23.  Kerryanne Celona - Rhode Island

K's linocut process involves multiple layers of ink to create humming, colorful worlds, and she plans on making one for the exchange.

Kerryanne Celona - Artist

Wind and Dusk
11" x 12.5" (28x32cm)

24. Stefan Jennings Batista - New Mexico

Stefan is a visual artist, educator, and part time explorer who works in photography and illustration. He plans on creating either a photopolymer intaglio print or a woodcut for the exchange.

 Stefan Jennings Batista - Artist

Photo-polymer intaglio print
3 3/4" x 9 1/2" (9.5x24cm)

25. Alex Thurman - Tennessee

Alex expresses their path of self discovery with gender and sexuality through art as well as grief. They plan on making a woodcut for the exchange.


Alex Thurman - Artist

26. Matthew Solly - Victoria, Australia

Matthew is a 46 year old maintenance person at a learn to surf school Go Ride A Wave. He started as a water colourist in 1997 and got involved in printmaking 2010.  His love of the beach, surfing, and cars carry into his artwork. He plans on making a linocut for the exchange.

 Matthew Solly - Instagram

55x24cm (21"x9.5")


27. Patricia Bacon - New York

Patricia is an artist and a teacher living in New York. Her work is heavily influenced by agriculture and nature as she works part time as a crop insurance adjuster. She plans on making an intaglio print that showcases her style. 


Patricia Bacon

Old Orchard
20" x 16" (51x41cm)

28. Nora Farrell - Massachussetts

Nora is new to printmaking, and is looking forward to exploring a new medium.


Nora Farrell - Art


29. Joe Klaus - New York 

Continuing current exploration into the organic forms of the human body, Joe will be studying the relationship of flora and fauna and how they co-exist as well as contrast. He plans on creating an intaglio print from this exploration.


Joe Klaus - Artist

Untitled 2.1 (woman hidden)
Mix media on canvas board
9" x 12" (23x30cm)

30. Jeanette Small - Oregon

Jeanette is a painter and printmaker based in Oregon. Her most recent endeavor has been experimenting with different styles of printmaking. She plans to make a relief print for the exchange.


Jeanette Smalls - Artist

Inky Octopus
18" X 20" (45x50cm)

31. Kimberly Aw - Singapore

Kimberly's works primarily focus on silkscreen printmaking, showcasing the idea of a "beautiful tragedy," the concept of the tragedies one faces in life shapes us to become “beautiful." As an artist, her style and aesthetics are heavily influenced in Comic and Manga culture. She plans on creating a screen print for the exchange.


Kimberly Aw - Artist

Higeki 1
Silkscreen on wood
58 x 41 cm (23"x16")

 32. LeeAnn Dicicco - California

In her woodcuts, LeeAnn DiCicco explores themes including natural science, death, and motherhood in a visual style influenced by scientific illustration, Mexican religious iconography, and the Lotería. LeeAnn will be developing a graphic woodcut for the exchange.


LeeAnn Dicicco - Artist

48" x 36" (122x91cm)

33. Zachary Bland - California

Zachary is a photographer and plans on making a screen or photo based print for the exchange.


Zachary Bland - Artist

34.  Nikki Barber - Washington

Nikki is an artist based in Seattle, WA. She works primarily in printmaking, and plans to explore her craft further for the exchange.   

Nikki Barber - Artwork

Fishing for Trout
Vitreography- Engraving and Etch on Glass Plate
15'' x 11'' (38x28cm)

35. Daniel Eugene - Connecticut

Daniel is a photographer and printmaker based in New Haven, CT. His work is influenced by his surroundings in New Haven as well as documenting the unique LGBTQ community there. Daniel plans to create a drypoint print for the exchange. 


Daniel Eugene - Artist

Moonlight Night
pen on paper
11" x 14" (28x35cm)

 36. Nina Jordan - New York

Nina's reduction woodcut prints balance a sharpness in cut with a soft blending of colors. She plans on making a woodcut for the exchange.

Nina Jordan - Artist

from "Houses" series
reduction woodcut
12" x 6" (30x15cm)

37. Alla Lazebnik - Massachussetts

Alla plans on creating a figurative relief print that incorporates flattening elements of pattern and fabric contrasting the human forms.


Alla Lazebnik - Artist

18" x 24" 46x61cm

38. Hannah Suzanna - New York

Hannah is a fine art photographer whose photographic series and multi-platform art pieces center around themes of oneness, questioning reality, death and an inquiry into existential meaning. She plans on making a screen print or photo based edition in line with this body of work. (portrait of Hannah by Virginia Conesa)


Hannah Suzanna - Artist

Untitled (from Death & Decent Series)
Digital Photography, Double Exposure
16" x 9" (40x23cm)

39. Tulasi Sundaresh - Massachusetts

Tulasi primarily creates digital art and studies graphic design. She plans on delving into printmaking for the first time and creating something unexpected that exemplifies her style. Tulasi is excited to expand her body of work and experiment with a different technique. 

Tulasi Sundaresh - Artist


Digital Collage
9" X 14"

About the Organizers

Lunch Money Print

Christopher O'Flaherty (left) - Co-Founder
Chris has a visual arts background with a BFA in Painting from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. He is currently based in Connecticut, and his favorite print medium is woodcut.
Mark Donne (right) - Co-Founder

Mark has a passion for film and researching the latest technology start-up. Mark received a BA in Film, New Media, and Marketing from Fairfield University, and has since worked with numerous start-ups.

email: support(at)


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    I have completed my prints for the exchange and just need the mailing address so I can send them to you.
    I don’t seem to be able to access it on the website.


    Julia Newson

    Julia Newson

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