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8 Artists to Watch from Bushwick Open Studios 2017

From collections of African textiles and subway station paint chips, to street photography and — of course — colorful figurative paintings, we picked some of our favorites from BOS 2017.  By - Elisa Wouk AlminoBenjamin  Sutton, and Hrag Vartanian

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Guimi You - Large Scale Painting

Guimi You (artist website)

There’s something very disarming about You’s paintings owing to both her choice of palette (lots of pale hues and soft primary tones) and her subject matter (a mix of activities related to child-rearing and domestic chores). But her work is quietly epic. Her seven and a half-foot-tall painting “Destroyer” (2016), for instance, commanded one entire wall of her studio this weekend, its spatially disorienting drama only gradually resolving into a coherent image — that of a god-like toddler imposing his wrath on a toy train set. Likewise, it takes a moment for the cascading waves of “Drain Drain Drain” (2017) to register as what must be art history’s most epic painting of broccoli washing. —BS

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 Guimi You is from Seoul, Korea, and lives and works in New York. Guimi is collaborating with us on a new Reduction woodcut based off of one of her paintings of a playground. A Reduction woodcut is a relief printing process that uses one block of wood, with sections carved away and printed between each state.  The result is a surface that is layered with color and very harmonious because it is all from the same design.

Painting on left, Reduction Woodcut on Right

On the left is her oil painting Playground (12"x16" 20x30cm) and on the right is our reduction woodcut collaboration (10"x6.5" (16.5x10cm)

Guimi in her painting studio




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