Deborah Weiss Rethinks Landscapes

Deborah Weiss is a versatile artist based in Connecticut. Her art is focused around abstract landscapes, but are very different than traditional landscape pieces. Weiss strives to bring more energy and emotion into her work, rather than just creating a flat depiction of scenery. “Most people don’t associate energy and movement when seeing landscape.” Weiss commented. It is apparent from her work that she brings a unique perspective to a time honored style.

'Verdant Pathway' by Deborah Weiss

Being a New England native, Weiss is greatly inspired by the rocky coastlines and their intense movement and energy. She describes them at rocky, rough, and raw; not pristine like other beaches. This is a huge influence in her work as she works from memory and experience rather than painting on site. With this technique, Weiss is able to experience the landscape, absorb the emotion and energy behind it, and later translate it into her work with a more organic, individualistic perspective.

"The Breakers" a monotype by Deborah Weiss: Available on Lunch Money Print!

Weiss has a woodcut featured on Lunch Money Print’s website entitled, "In The Thicket". As she was primarily a woodcut artist at the start of her career, Weiss has had the chance to experiment greatly with her technique and processes. She approaches her woodcuts with a more improvisational attitude, which is rare for artists who use this medium. After the tedious and long process of creating the carved wood piece, Weiss approaches the printing process the same as the carving, and with a more fluid mindset, ready to create something unique. She approaches it like a challenge to make something non-traditional and unexpected with the generally rigid medium. "In The Thicket" was inspired by the disorganization of nature; it features rough and naturally chaotic branches and leaves through the eyes of Weiss. Check out the piece for purchase below!

"In The Thicket" a woodcut by Deborah Weiss: Available on Lunch Money Print!

After getting her start in printmaking, primarily woodcuts, Weiss now includes painting as an important part of her studio practice. She has spent the past few years working in oil on panel and is still inspired by nature and movement. The directness and less restrictive nature of painting has provided a balance for the artist.

Weiss plans to continue working with her newfound medium and will spend the coming months further developing a body of work based on the energy of the landscapes. Be sure to check out her Website and Instagram for more information on her current works!

Deborah Weiss painting her landscape painting


Here is a video of Deborah Weiss' artwork 



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